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May 16th, 2014: “Inspiring Depth of Study in Mathematics”

Presented by The House of Study in association with faculty from the Leadership in Math Education program at Bankstreet Graduate School and Metamorphosis TLC.

Conversations (click to download or scroll down to view now):

Case Study: Transforming a K-12 Math Department, Innovative Math Curricula, Emotion and the Affective Dimension in Math, Supporting and Developing Math Teachers, Inspiring Mathematics Teachers and Students, Case Study: Solving a Math Problem

The first conversation is available now. Further proceedings are under development for download. Please subscribe to The Study Guide for updates, or follow us on Twitter (@houseofstudy).


  • Daniel Kramarsky, President, The House of Study
  • Hal Melnick, Faculty, Leadership in Math Education Program, Bankstreet Graduate School
  • Linda Metnetsky, Faculty, Leadership in Math Education Program, Bankstreet Graduate School
  • Lucy West, Founder, Metamorphosis TLC
  • Tony Asdourian, Mathematics Faculty, The Park School
  • Judith Levy Cohen, Mathematics Learning Specialist, Private Practice
  • Tom Harding, Mathematics Department Chair, Shady Hill School
  • Charlene Marchese, Supervisor of Mathematics, Freehold Township Schools
  • Peter Sommer, Head of School, Cambridge Friends School
  • Edith Starr, Mathematics Faculty, The Spence School
  • Rob Wieman, Subject Matter Education (Mathematics) Program Coordinator, Rowan University


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Revitalizing a Math Department