Mathematics Seminar Complete!

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The House of Study held its first professional development seminar, “Inspiring Depth of Study in Mathematics,” on Friday, May 16. Ten math education professionals joined us for a full day of conversation.

Topics included transforming a K-12 math department, innovative mathematics curricula, emotion and the affective dimension in math, supporting and developing math teachers, inspiring mathematics teachers and students, and solving a math problem.

80% of the attendees found the conversation helpful or very helpful for their own professional development. Seminar leaders were unanimously rated excellent or very good, both as conversational facilitators and as experts in their own right.

Our thanks to our workshop leaders and seminar partners: Hal Melnick and Linda Metnetsky from the Bankstreet graduate school program in leadership in math education and Lucy West from Metamorphosis TLC.

Our thanks also for the invaluable assistance provided by Josh Greenspan, Richard Dinardo, Craig Paulson, and the office staff at 1745 Broadway.

More information can be found on our website, We look forward to sharing the entire proceedings on the web, free of charge, once video and audio editing has been completed.


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