Schooling Fails

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Schooling Fails

The first radical thesis: schooling fails. It fails to do what it ought to do.

Every child in America is compelled by law to attend school for more than a decade. The result should be a nation of people whose actions, words, feelings, and habits of thought demonstrate that they spent most of their childhood learning things, in the company of teachers and fellow-students.

This is obviously not the case.

Our nation is not seen this way. We do not see one another this way. When you pass an adult on the street, you can be reasonably certain he or she has been to school for, at the very least, twelve years. But you do not think: “Ah, there goes another well-educated American.” Our leaders in business and politics do not speak to us with the respect that twelve years of schooling should command. They talk down to us. We talk down to one another.

We all spend long years at school, but we do not become a well-schooled population. Thus, schooling fails.

Wait a second….. 

Schooling fails?  The entire process of schooling? Do you really expect anyone to buy that?

No. We expect a vigorous argument, which we will call the DICHOTOMOUS DISSENT. It will be the subject of our first video segment coming soon. So, keep following!


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