I think our new puppy was a school reformer…

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The New Puppy

I think our new puppy was a school reformer in a previous life, because….

…if he hasn’t seen something in a while, he thinks it’s brand new.

…he loves kids, but sometimes he bites them. Then they cry, and he comes and kisses them.

…cleaning up his mess is our problem.

…if something smells good he swallows it immediately. If it’s nasty and he throws it up, he tries to eat it again.

…he wants to please everyone.

…he will stick his nose anywhere.

…he thinks the best place to do his business is right where everyone else has done theirs.

…he devours books and newspapers. They don’t agree with him, but he doesn’t notice.

…he chases his own tail. When he catches it he has no idea what it is or what to do with it.

…his understanding of long term consequences is non-existent.

…if he thinks something is worth investigating, it’s probably a pile of poop…

…but still…

…he’s full of energy, and he’s honestly doing the best he can. We love him for that, and we have faith that someday he will grow up and become a very good dog.


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